In the Kibera Slum, an education is the only way out...

A Child in the Rough was founded in an effort to support and lift local children out of extreme poverty by providing the means and opportunities through education.

With the delivery of humanitarian aid, meals, emergency medical care, and free education A Child in the Rough has created a safe space from the dangers and abuse of the Kibera Slum for the local children to thrive and experience the joys of childhood while working towards a more promising future.

We set out to share experiences and local stories through videos, photography and storytelling to capture the attention of people all over the world. Through this we hope to inspire others to join us in providing humanitarian aid and support to the children of the Kibera Slum.

The name A Child in the Rough was chosen from the expression “a diamond in the rough” as we have witnessed first hand the potential the youth hold despite the extremely harsh environment in which they live. Intelligent, talented, determined, and good natured, these children have the potential to be leaders and create great change in an environment that so desperately needs it... if only they had the means to do so.

They are truly diamonds in the rough.

About Kibera Slum

The Kibera Slum is one of the largest and most brutal slums in the world
No running or clean water causing dehydration and diseases like typhoid and cholera
The average daily wage is $1 per day, meaning residents live in extreme poverty with no way to escape
Young girls are forced into sex work while young boys are recruited into gangs in exchange for food
No sewer systems or trash services mean nonexistent sanitation and diseases running rampant
Sexual assault, murder, robbery and other violent crimes are such a prominent threat that residents must lock themselves in their shacks before dark
Slim to no electric
12x12 windowless tin shacks house eight or more people
The majority of children are orphans or come from single parent households